If one of your staff members is involved in a critical incident overseas, you will start a crisis management team. As an HR officer you will have a specific role in this team. It is about staff wellbeing after all. Such an incident also affects the family. Including the family in your approach can be […]

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There is more than meets the eye

Security awareness is one of the basic subjects in every HEAT. Most of our participants are a kind of streetwise and know already a couple of things and during this course, this level is enhanced. But what caught my eye over the last courses is a fundamental lack of knowledge about digital security. It still […]

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Supporting those who reach out again….

The huge humanitarian crisis following the pandemic asks for a big humanitarian response.  So, after a period of supporting INGO’s in handling the impact of the current pandemic for their own organization and staff care, we are now focusing again on preparing INGO workers on their missions, to reach out to those in need. We […]

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The Netherlands is in the phase of social abstinence, while the world is going in Lock Down

The Netherlands is in the phase of social abstinence, while the world is going in Lock Down. At home we wait for our excellent healthcare to work on a solution. However, the situation is very different for many missionary and development workers. Often working with the poorest groups on earth and in places where good […]

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Taking the bus

When safety allows I love to inhale the culture and environment that I live in. So, at such moments, I take the city bus. Figuring out what line to take to a certain area can be a bit of a hassle, however I like the adventure. To figure it out I ask local- and foreign […]

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Do you see me?

We are supporting NGOs, working in the Greek refugee camps with improving their de-escalation and mediation skills. While working in this environment,  this question was asked by an upset young man, who felt a number in the system instead of a person. It drove him mad. This moment illustrated the core of the challenge of […]

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Do you know your risks

The question “Do you know your risks” is often answered with a quick yes. Of course, we know the country and we follow travel security advice, such as provided by the foreign office. In mature risk management systems, these elements are indeed important, however it shows only a part of the picture. The question who […]

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Concise or comprehensive?

Currently I am supporting some NGO’s in safeguarding a security culture in the organization.  In this process I recently have had some fruitful meetings with project managers of an NGO that runs ambitious programs in challenging areas. Great and dedicated people were aiming for results and impact. One of the topics that kept coming up […]

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Male Male – inclusive risk management

Just a few weeks ago I was interviewing a Nuer NGO worker about his opinion about the security protocols of his organization as they were applicable in the area he was working. It quickly became clear, he had never read it.  Simply because it was a lengthy document and written in a level of English […]

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Negotiating humanitarian access

When I started 15 years ago as an NGO security advisor, this term was used many times. It was one of the basic steps on security management. Creating acceptance within the local population. Making sure that they understand and treasure your presence. But that is easy said these days and I experience a few stumbling […]

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