The dynamics of crisis management is incomparable with day-to-day management. Incidents are part of the daily work of every INGO. Dedication, persuasion, and flexibility will lead to durable solutions. Every crisis demands a different approach and will expose potential vulnerabilities within your organization. Whether in communication, logistics, or chain of command, a crisis will reveal where the susceptibility lies.

Support of a specialist, whose objective is to safeguard the process and methodology of crisis management, can tremendously improve the quality of your analysis and decision-making in this process, especially in the early phase of an unfolding crisis or incident.

Global Risk Advice is that team of specialists who are more than willing and able to support, train, and advise your crisis management teams – here, and across the world. Moreover, we also have subject-specific experts that can deliver their expertise about topics such as:

  • Country and cultures
  • Specific incidents such as crime, kidnapping, and medical issues
  • Communications with various stakeholders on different levels
  • Family liaison officers
  • Legal and insurance matters


Over the fifteen years that we are involved in INGO security we have met too many dedicated people that suffered during security incidents or near misses. A bigger incident, or numerous small ones take their toll and make them leaking energy and loosing their nerve.

Faded or broken dreams, or even going through a nightmare, doesn’t mean that you loose your calling. But it does mean that you are going through a delicate process.

Taking time for a pause, for silence, reflection, recognition and some guidance can be of great help in this process.

Especially for those INGO staff members who feel that the mission takes more and more energy, we have developed a 3 day retreat in our ancient monastery.
Although it is a group retreat, most of the moments are there for you, to contemplate, meditate and pray. The retreat will be lead by experts who have extensive experience in the field and have been through these processes themselves.

More information on support or retreat? Contact us directly!