There is more than meets the eye

Security awareness is one of the basic subjects in every HEAT. Most of our participants are a kind of streetwise and know already a couple of things and during this course, this level is enhanced.
But what caught my eye over the last courses is a fundamental lack of knowledge about digital security. It still seems difficult to imagine how this works and how much damages it causes.

In the period of lock down, we were besides the COVID -19 evacuations, supporting several organizations who were confronted with cyber extorsion issues.
And maybe because of this the lack of basic digital security awareness caught my eye.

During the current pandemic the cyber infrastructure of several regions has been improved to contain outbreaks. If you are involved in Human rights advocacy or supporting minorities that are not appreciated in the society, or if your simply represent donor money,  it might be good to analyze if your protective measures are still up to date. Don’t  assume that your organization is to small to be selected.

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