Crisis Management Training with full simulation (CMT)

Unexpected incidents and unplanned eventualities are part and parcel of everyday life in a humanitarian or development setting. First and foremost, the effectiveness of established contingency plans and the capability of those overseeing them determines the outcome.

As a professional organization a competent and human approach in your response to any crisis is of the highest value.
our professionals can prepare your incident response team and support them in enhancing your preparedness, protocols and skillset.

We offer a multiple steps approach for Crisis Management, (Level one, level two and full simulation).


Crisis Management Training with full simulation. (CMT)

Besides the theoretical background, this training offers the most realistic experience.
after a theoretical session, the crisis management team organizes themselves as they would do in  a real situation.
as soon as they are ready a very realistic simulation starts. A variety of Stakeholders will approach you and the always present media and social media will play their part, like it would in a real life situation. Our simulation leader will closely monitor how you are performing and will decide on the level of intensity of the simulation.

During the whole experience the CMT will receive coaching from a crisis management professional towards a positive outcome. Failing is not an option!

After a debrief session our professionals write a report with recommendations for acting on a higher maturity level.

Location: in company

Specific information

  • Level: HBO+  (Higher professional education/ university education)
  • Pre- training: a recent crisis management training
  • Study load: 8 hours
  • Teaching materials are included in the course costs.


  • Mental
  • Social
  • In company
  • 1 day
  • - night


  • upon request


In company


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