De-escalation Training

Many staff members may not be exposed to criminals or terrorists, but do face hazardous moments when engaging with local communities that do not trust them, or experience frustration during specific activities or program implementation organized by staff. Angry villagers blocking a road to discourage INGO staff from reaching out to other communities is part and parcel of daily practice. De-escalating situations with upset beneficiaries or communities require a different approach than hardcore security situations. The long term effects are of eminent importance in these kinds of scenarios.

We have therefore designed a de-escalation course for fieldworkers that has proven invaluable for numerous humanitarian workers throughout the years.


  • Stress management
  • Conflict solving styles
  • Cultural elements in conflicts
  • Strategic influencing in communication
  • Case studies and strategy selection
  • Exercising


1 day


As every organization and mission is unique, the risks and required skills for staff vary. Next to our fixed trainings, we support organizations in specific questions that are not covered in regular security courses, or require such confidentiality that sharing the courses with other organizations is not an option. Tell us what you require. We are confident that we can be of full service to your specific needs.

Price, duration, and location upon request.


  • Education level: MBO+ (secondary vocational education)
  • Pre-training: not required
  • Study load: 8 hours
  • Teaching materials included in course costs


  • Mental
  • Social
  • 1 day
  • - night


  • upon request


- On-site at requesting organization or company
- Monastery ‘Nieuw Sion’ in Deventer, The Netherlands
- Other location upon request


Jacob van 't Slot
+31 6 12 572 753