Female Traveler Course

To gain awareness and confidence as a female traveler is the core objective of our 1-day Safety for Female Travelers training.

The majority of security challenges for men and women serving INGOs are the same. Women are not more vulnerable than men, but they do face other types of risks that require specific attention.

To address these gender-related risks, we have developed a female traveler training. This training will be facilitated by women who have extensive experience in living and working overseas and as travelers. Encouragement, solution-finding, and awareness are the focus of this day. The warm approach taken by our trainers allows for women to share their concerns, experiences and questions in a safe and understanding environment.


1 day


  • Preparing for travel as a woman
  • Situational awareness
  • Cultures and boundaries
  • Revealing the patterns of a sex-offender
  • Handling sexual assaults
  • Recovering from incidents
  • Adequate reactions in several scenarios/boundaries
  • Physical response and resilience


€350,-, including lunch


As every organization and mission is unique, the risks and required skills for staff vary. Next to our fixed trainings, we support organizations in specific questions that are not covered in regular security courses, or require such confidentiality that sharing the courses with other organizations is not an option. Tell us what you require. We are confident that we can be of full service to your specific needs.

Price, duration, and location upon request.


  • Education level: MBO+ (secondary vocational education)
  • Pre-training: not required
  • Study load: 8 hours
  • Teaching materials included in course costs


  • Mental
  • Physical
  • Deventer
  • 1 day
  • - night


  • upon request
  • 10 April 2023
  • 5 May 2023


Monastery 'Nieuw Sion'
Vulikerweg 6
7431 PJ Diepenveen
The Netherlands

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Jacob van 't Slot
+31 6 12 572 753