24/7 Crisis Management Support


Access to robust incident/crisis management capacity is a vital part of the duty of care of an organization. It ensures that the organization is well prepared, can rapidly identify and respond to emerging incidents and crisis, and has the right expertise available. Despite proper preparations, for many organizations, this continues to be a big challenge.

This is why we have organized a 24/7 emergency desk.

How is your current emergency support system set up? Are you responsible for the emergency phone but lack the expertise to advise your colleagues? We are able to support you and provide you with insights and knowledge to be the lifeline for your team in times of crisis.


We work with you to ensure that your organisation emerges from a crisis with strength and resilience. Our crisis management experts and subject-matter specialists are within your reach with our 24/7 crisis management support team.

We support you in both crisis management and crisis communications. Adequate engagement with important stakeholders such as families, donors and media are crucial elements to effective crisis management.



Even after a crisis, we offer support in critical incident debriefing and/or trauma counselling.


For more information about our 24/7 Crisis Management Support services, reach out to Jacob van ‘t Slot at jacob@globalriskadvice.com.