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The growing of the security maturity level of INGO’s created an increased need for training and consultancy. Over the last decades, NGO security has become a serious industry, including industrial prices. Affordable for the major brands, unreachable for many smaller European initiatives, or the local partners of bigger NGOs. Being a part of that industry for over a decade, it became our dream to reach out for those specific groups and to be become their partner in their beautiful missions.

Making high quality security standards and services accessible for passion driven people is core of the DNA of Global Risk Advice. This results in organizing our services lean and keeping the margins small. Reaching your dreams comes with a price and as team we agreed on keeping our costs low in order to achieve more!

As home base we found an ancient monastery “Nieuw Sion” at the quiet perimeter of the city of Deventer. An epic place, not known for its luxury but for its impressive history on reflection, dedication and preparing people to serve others. Our team is comprised of accredited, experienced advisors and facilitators, who aim to equip and empower humanitarian staff and raise their confidence in operating safely in challenging circumstances. We cut on luxury, never on quality!


Jacob van ‘t Slot

Jacob van ‘t Slot has spent over two decades in the field of psychology, security management and crisis communications as well in training as in crisis response on behalf of governments or as a private consultant. In 2000 the first steps on supporting INGO’s were made, supporting staff of local NGO’s in Indonesia. A career as civil servant, hostage negotiator and INGO security consultant was born and combined till 2008, when he retired to be full time available to serve the INGO clients all over the world. As a security and crisis management expert. Several Dutch initiatives to enhance INGO security were supported to raise from the ground and Jacob advised the crisis management teams of a very high number of (I)NGO’s & human rights organizations,  governmental and corporate clients during and in the recovery process of critical incidents.

Faith based initiatives drew more of his attention, due to the special ethical dilemma’s and dedicated attitude of their staff and over the years this became more of his focus groups.

Besides supporting INGO’s Jacob lectures operational security, crisis management en crisis communication at the Harvard Humanitarian Academy. He is a Certified Protection Professional (CPP) Crisis management expert (S-CMO) and accredited Anti-Terrorism Officer.

Roderik Sommerdijk

Roderik Sommerdijk started his career as global nomad in 1986, using a moped to drive overland from the Netherlands to Calcutta India. Experiencing crime and corruption, he learned by experience how to handle and later how to avoid security challenges. Back in the Netherlands after these adventures, Roderik got his bachelor’s degree in educational science and studied theatre at a performance school of arts in Amsterdam. A short career as instructor role-player for the Ministry of Defense helped him to discover his passion, to combine the tripod of learning, playing and protecting/serving others. He joined several NGO’s, using theatre in slums and poor communities for education and awareness raising. Working with juvenal criminals in those areas he discovered their thinking and behavioral patterns.
Since 2008 he supported initiatives to improve the safety of INGO staff, first as role-play and after his accreditation as facilitator also as trainer. Roderik is trained and certified as anti-terrorism officer by the S2 institute in the U.S.A. (cATO).

Roderik: “I discovered many security and safety lessons by life. Learning by trial and error is a tricky process and I am grateful that no great damage occurred to me. I grant others to learn in a safe and supportive environment to take care of themselves whilst reaching out for vulnerable groups in the world.”

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