As a responsible organization you don’t want anybody who comes in to contact with your organization to suffer any harm. This counts for your staff, guests, local partners and beneficiaries. This requires both a continuous and systematic approach, and senior management attention, since the global contexts, and with that your risks, are a continuous subject to chance.

Global Risk Advice provides expertise to design or revise your policies, plans and procedures.
We aim for the kind of policies and actions that will stimulate the growth of a safety culture within your organization. A combined top down and bottom up approach will lead to a mature level of enhanced risk management.

We support senior management in discovering their core values, vision and risk apatite. It is your ultimate decision how redundant your organization should be. It is not only objectives, but also adequate budgeting that is a part of this process. All choices do have a price. The outcome leads to a policy which is the backbone of all further risk management.

We offer support in outlining your local security plans. How to standardize it without copying and pasting? We support in outlining your crisis management organization and crisis management plans.

We can also provide support to your staff with safety and security functions in the field. They are the ones that have essential inputs for field security plans. They have indebt information about the context and the risks. Capacity building workshops for field offices leads to the coalition of global security standards, local knowledge and workable solutions. Combined, this creates a firm tripod that is enabling your programs on the long run.