As a responsible organization, naturally, you wouldn’t want anyone connected to your organization to suffer harm. This counts for your staff, guests, local partners and beneficiaries, and other actors in or around the region you are working in. A continuous and systematic approach, with attention to senior management as well, is required to enable a robust level of risk management in ever-changing global contexts directly impacting the nature of risks you may face at any given time.

Global Risk Advice provides expertise to build or revise your policies, plans and procedures. We aim for policies and actions that will stimulate growth and safety within your organization. A bidirectional approach – top-down, bottom-up – will lead to a mature level of enhanced risk management.

We support senior management in discovering their core values, vision, and risk appetite. Creating clear objectives, as well as adequate budgeting, are all part of this process. All choices have a price. Put together, the outcomes will lead to policies that can serve as the backbone for future risk management.

Not only this, but we also offer support and advice in outlining your local security plans. How can you standardize your plans effectively without “copying and pasting”? We support both the outlining and implementing of your crisis management organization and crisis management plans.

We also provide support to your staff with safety and security operations in the field. After all, your staff has direct access and in-depth information about the essential needs, current context and imminent risks present in the field. Capacity-building workshops for offices in the field allows global security standards, local knowledge, and feasible solutions to be united. Combined, they enable and create the firm tripod upon which your programs can build and last for the long-run.