Global Risk Advice is that team of specialists who are more than willing and able to support, train, and advise your organization – both here in the Netherlands, and across the world. Whether dealing with crisis management, the writing or reviewing of security processes and plans, or capacity building, we are here to support your organization. We have subject-specific experts that can deliver their expertise in areas pertaining to:

  • Country monitoring during organization short- and long-term trips
  • Negotiations
  • Communications with various stakeholders on different levels
  • Family liaison officers
  • Legal and insurance matters
  • Briefing and debriefing
  • Aftercare and counselling
  • Coaching new security advisors
  • Training of trainers


The dynamics of crisis management is incomparable with day-to-day management. Incidents are part of the daily work of every INGO. Dedication, persuasion, and flexibility will lead to durable solutions. Every crisis demands a different approach and will expose potential vulnerabilities within your organization. Whether in communication, logistics, or chain of command, a crisis will reveal where the susceptibility lies.

Support of a specialist, whose objective is to safeguard the process and methodology of crisis management can tremendously improve the quality of your analysis and decision-making in this process, especially in the early phase of an unfolding crisis or incident.


Our security advisors are able provide safety and security advice and support for a range of organizations. We do this through risk assessments, travel advice, briefing and debriefing, security incident handling, establishing and/or reviewing the organization’s security processes and policy, and review and provide security trainings and advise on the ways to move forward.


If your organization needs temporary support due to vacancies or an overload of work for the in-house security advisor, we are able to provide an interim security advisor to support in the day-to-day risk management, writing and reviewing of your internal security processes and plans. Or for a short-term period, one of our advisors will be second to your organization the security manager.


Access to high quality security standards includes local capacity of trainers. At Global Risk Advice, we contribute to this movement of professionalism around the globe by training a community of trainers. Experienced people from the field, who know the best security practices, are transformed into inspiring facilitators and leaders in their region.

Our 5-day Training of Trainers allows your staff to grow and develop themselves; it allows your organization to build a sustainable model to fulfil your duty of care. Whether starting as a new trainer, or experienced, this training gives both fresh insights and tried and true methods for optimal training, and allows your staff to practice them in a safe and guided setting. Alongside this, the new trainers will receive access to our latest Training of Trainers Manual, which serves as a practical guide full of tools, tips and how-to’s for choosing, preparing and executing a training.


Despite a good policy, minimum operating standards, and proper protocols, it is sometimes difficult to measure whether is sufficient in the field. Our security advisors are able to visit the location in need of a security upgrade and assess the actual implementation of policies and provide you with recommendations for improvement. Once in the field, we could combine this with one of our offered trainings for national staff, as security builds on the behavior of individuals.


Debriefing and Aftercare are vital tools to support the recovery process after a traumatic event. These early interventions, in combination with adequate psycho-social crisis management from the organisation, is often the best prevention measure. At Global Risk we work with a team of specialists in both debriefing and trauma care that can complement your HR department in supporting the affected staff to enable them the best recovery possible. Our specialists have extended field experience and understand the various types of situations your staff has been through. Our support can consist of a few meetings or a longer coaching trajectory of the recovery process.